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RESmart Auto Bi-PAP


Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure With RESlex™ (Expiration Pressure Release)

RESmart  BPAP  series  provide  non-invasive ventilation  for  patients  with  respiratory insufficiency in the hospital or at home.  It can also offer the ultimate in sleep therapy comfort, with auto adjusting pressure delivery.

Features :

•  Monitored parameters include :  Expiratory
   tidal  volume (Vte),  Respiratory  rate (Res.
   Rate), Minute ventilation (Min Vent), Leakage
•  Quick  and  easy  settings  when  in  use,
    including : IPAP, EPAP, Res.Rate, E/I Rate, I
    sens, E sens, Rise time
•  iCode  feature  (PC  Software,  Web  based,
   Smartphone  App )  provides  the  most
   convenient remote retrieval of sleep data
•  Alert when accidental power - off
•  In time alert function when mask/tubing off-line
•  RESlex performs better exhalation and    
•  Automatic leakage and altitude compensation

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